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Top 5 Essentials For The Man Cave And Mens Shed

Top 5 Essentials For The Man Cave And Mens Shed

Man Caves And Mens Sheds 

Man Caves And Mens Sheds Top 5 Essentials

Top 5 Essential Needs

 The Best Man Cave Items For 2019

  Here's the List Of My Favourite Essentials and Needs For The Man Cave.

Number 5

Man Cave Needs Bar Essentials

Every Man Cave Or Mens Shed Needs A Bar and What You have in that Bar tells a lot about a person, wether it be Vodka, Rum Or Gin Or the o'l Good Stuff Whisky Bourbon. Whatever Your Choice is and If Your Taking Your Home Bar Seriously You'd Be storing all your Top Shelf Correctly. 

So I say Why Serve The Top Shelf From The Top Shelf? When You Could Be Using An Oak Barrel. Not Only Does it add to that oak undertone we all love, But Its prefect for a display piece either on your Bar Or Display Cabinet. It Comes In Two Different sizes 1.5ltr and 3ltr.

Whisky and Wine Oak Barrel At tsbizarre Man Cave Needs

For Only $42 USD You can Add Some Real Class To Your Man Cave Home Bar 


Number 4


Ambience is everything For the Man Cave, after a long day doing what ever you do coming home pouring yourself a Whisky is the best thing ever. Having a light Burn Your Retinas out on the other hand is something I Do Not Prefer. Subtle Golden Lighting is definitely the Key to Help You Wind Down at the end of the day. Not only setting the ambient Mood But also Showing Off Your Impeccable Style With Copper Light Fittings And Edison Bulbs.


Lights at Tsbizarre man cave     

lamps at  

Number 3

Signs & Posters

Signs and Posters at

Decor is a Must in Any Man Cave. Having high quality interesting signs is something that you definitely Need For Every Man Cave. Tsbizarre Specialises in this, with over a 100 high quality metal signs starting at $10 USD Affordable Antique styling Metal Signs and Posters Has never been easier Check Out The Full Range at 

Signs and Posters

Number 2

Retro Gaming

Every Man Cave Or Mens Shed Needs A Gaming Console. Yes there is always the big debate over Xbox And Playstation... As For Pc's I won't even go there. 

There really are some Gems Getting Around. Im Not Talking about the latest trends. Pure Nostalgia is where my heart lies. Ive always loved Retro Gaming Machines. Games Like Sonic, Mario, and my Personal Favourite Lemmings At T's Bizarre They Have An All In One NES System Called Coolbaby. Its a Re creation Retro all in one Gaming machine with.. +600 Games of all your favourites. The Controls are High Quality Featuring Double Buttons A long control Lead '"so you don't have to drag the furniture" Also a convenient HDMI out. It also has all your power supply attachments so it doesn't matter where you are in the world. 

If that's not enough for you we have Game Consoles with 1000+Games

Retro Gaming

Number 1.

 Tactical Gear

Tactical Gear is a very broad term to use but so is our extensive range of Tactical Vests Helmets and Knives. Wether you're into Hunting and Sports Like PaintBall And Airsoft or Just Really Likes camo gear Tsbizarre really speak for those who Live Life to the Max. What's this got to do with Man Caves? 

Well the men in them Nothing is more handy than A high quality Tanto Folding Knife Made of stainless Steel Smooth ball bearing action quick release and a non slip handle. If I could & "I would" name all the uses you can Get out of having such an item around the home bar. So For its Beauty in design Quality and Cost The Tanto folding knife has Made my Number One Fore Essential Man Cave Needs For The Home Man Cave And Mens Shed  

Tactical Gear and Knives

Lights at Tsbizarre man cave     

lamps at  





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