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Away From The Maddening Wife – A Man’s Last Stand

Away From The Maddening Wife – A Man’s Last Stand

Married men need a room in their house where they can retreat and have full control over decorations, furniture, gadgets and the color of the curtains. Whether you call it a male crib, a mantuary or a man cave, this place is a safe space where you and your guy friends can play video games, crack open a barrel of beer and watch sporting events until 5 a.m.
Away from the maddening wife and her nagging is this male sanctuary where you are the master of your domain. Here, her rules don’t apply. But, still, it does not mean that there should be no rules at all. Here are the man cave essentials that will help you organize a stylish mantuary in your home!

What is a man cave?

A man cave is what every boy dreams about as a kid: a room where you can hang up cool posters on the wall, where you can have friends over any time and play video games all night long. It is the adolescent fantasy that each boy desires to have once he leaves his mom’s apartment.
Unfortunately, most men leave their parents’ home when they get married. Their dream of having a man cave with eye-catching decorations slowly dies out as the wife takes over mom’s role of setting up the house rules.

Why you need a male crib

Even if your wife has the final word in decorating every room in the house and on what goes up on the walls, it does not mean that you should give up on your manliest dream: having your own space with cool home bar accessories and vintage Deco Art.
You married your wife to spend a lifetime together. She is the love of your life. You can barely breathe when she’s not around (never stop telling her that!).
But, as every human being out there, you sometimes need to spend some time away from your "main source of Oxygen." You need some "me time," which may or may not include all your guy friends and a huge barrel of whiskey. This is where a man cave becomes a must-have room in your home.

Where to install your mantuary

Your wife will not be impressed by your plea to have your own man cave. She will see it as a place of debauchery, binge-drinking and loud partying. Don’t try to contradict her. You both know she’s right!
Instead, try negotiating for the best room that you can get. Don’t you even dare to pick any of the spare bedrooms or the guestroom! Instead, opt for the garage, the basement or that shed in your backyard. Any room that you can soundproof and which she does not consider worthy of her flowery curtains will do just fine.
Now that you got hold of your mantuary it is time to decorate it with all the cool things that you can’t hang around in the house. Add some Steampunk-fantasy lamps, engaging video game machines and home bar gadgets that will impress and delight your friends.

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