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10 Tips on How to Set Up an Epic Man Cave

10 Tips on How to Set Up an Epic Man Cave

Setting up a man cave is one of the most fun and exciting activities for every guy out there. It can also be overwhelming and exhausting, especially when you think of all the themes that you can choose from, the myriad of wall art decorations, gadgets, and games you can add.
We are here to take all the stress out of building an epic mantuary with these 10 essential setup tips:

Make it your safe place

First and foremost, a man cave should be your ultimate hideout from the stress of work, family issues, and responsibilities. It is a safe place where you can stand around in your underwear, crack open a beer in style and relax.
Add a home bar
Speaking of drinking, you can truly impress your buddies if you install a small home bar in your man cave. By adding all the bar essentials worthy of a classy joint you will turn your mantuary into your favorite party den for you and your friends.

Give it a classy look

The way you set up your man cave should aspire to all the dreams you’ve had of it growing up. It should feature classy decorations and stylish features that will show your guests a taste of your elegant spirit.
You must include video games
No man crib is complete without a few games lying around. When it comes to having a killer time with your friends, video games are a must-have entertainment option in your mantuary. Have your pick from a wide selection of vintage games that you and your childhood friend grew up playing.

Choose a vintage Steampunk theme

The Industrial theme appeals to many fans of steam fantasy, and it should fit perfectly in your man cave if you are one of them, too. Satisfy your nostalgia side with awesome Steampunk lamps and decorations that are bound to leave your guests in awe.
Make room for poker night
Almost every man cave out there started as a room where you and your friends could meet for a poker night without disturbing the whole house. Now that you finally have your very own mantuary don't forget to include all the chips and cards worthy of a fun game with the boys.

Don’t forget about wall art

Awesome wall art is what ties every man cave together. It comes in various styles, colors, and shapes, so you will surely find the posters that will enhance the stylish look of your male crib.
Timekeeping in style
Time flies fast in a man cave because there is always something fun to do. It is a good idea to have a fancy wall clock that will help you keep the time in style and avoid being late for the other appointments in your life.
Make it a warrior’s den
Your man cave should also be the place where you store all your combat gear. Keep your airsoft vests and paintball helmets where they belong: in a true warrior’s den.
Give it a raw, natural charm
A man’s cave should have something from the outside nature in it, something that will show your love for the outdoors. A wall-mounted animal head even if it is made from natural resin should give your mantuary a bit of your adventurer’s spirit and charm.

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